The Committee

Antonia Hawken (Shield 2004-09)
Vice President  
Ian Buckeridge (Chevron 1975-80)
Hon Secretary 
Sebastian Broster  (Red Cross 1999-04)
Asst Hon Secretary + Newsletter Editor 
John Bettridge (Staff 1973-)
Nicholas Paddenburg (Star 1998-03)
Past President
Joe Bell  (Star 2000-05)
Common Room Representative 
Rob Kift  (Staff)
Additional Committee Members 
Gordon Roff (Martlet 1975-80)
Grace Couchman (Pelican 2006-11)
Robert Ebdon (Martlet 1979-84)
Ellen Franks (Shield 2008-10)
Nick Chadwell  (Star 2006-11)
Tom Moulton (Fleur de Lys 1981-86)
Paul Ruddlesdin (Martlet 1962-67)
Will Sexton (Chevron 1999-06)
Miss Claire Hance (Martlet 2000-2005)
A R O P S Representatives 
Alan Buttifant (Fleur de Lys 1968-73)
Club Administrator
Michelle Ashbridge

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