OJ Membership

Life time membership is proportionate to the expected cost of maintaining the services of the club. As such, we use a stepped scale, see below.
Lifetime membership entitles you to full access to the club including travel grants.

Current pupils pay £450 to become a life member:

Click on the age band, in bold, to make payment.

0 – 18 £475
19 – 28 £392
29 – 38 £308
39 – 48 £225
49 – 58 £142
59 – 68 £58
69 – £10

Annual membership is available if you prefer at a cost of £10p.a. including a printed newsletter or £6p.a. excluding printed newsletter. Annual membership does not include access to travel grants. Please email Glenda to set up a direct debit.

Or send a cheque made payable to The Hurst Johnian Club for the attention of Glenda Bowden at Hurst College, BN6 9JS