International OJs

Having kept an eye on the site traffic for the OJ club over the last few months, it is amazing how international the club is. With this is mind, this page is here to encourage international OJs to find other OJs in their particular part of the world.

Site traffic from the last 30 days showing the international nature of the OJs

Site traffic from the last 30 days showing the international nature of the OJs

Please post your location and thoughts below!

22 thoughts on “International OJs

  1. I am surprised that there are only three OJs in Canada. I don’t know if I have been counted, here are my details. Andrew Crump. Martlet 59-63. Living in Victoria BC. may be contacted at

    • Well, at least four Andrew. Nigel Horsley (star, left 1966) here in Vancouver. I have been here since January 1980. Wife, ex-wife and four grown-up children here too and I’m nowhere near close to retiring….

      • Nigel. Rather late with a reply, but I only came across these entries today! I live at 995 Carolwood Drive, in Victoria with my wife of 46 years. We have been here since 2004. 250 532 2882 will find me if you would like a chat.

    • Robert
      I am Brisbane based and welcome a Brisbane OJ Dinner in the future. I know of at least 2 other OJs in Brisbane.
      Best regards

      • Another one from Brisbane! I’m Ollie Landsberger and I was in Star from about 1967 – 1971.
        Would love to hear from anyone else who escaped from Hurst relatively unharmed.

      • Hi all, I have recently relocated to the Gold Coast/Brisbane and would love to meet fellow OJs based over here. Perhaps we can arrange a dinner in the next month or so and reconnect OJs overseas. Please let me know by replying below or emailing me I was at the College from 1998 – 2003 in Martlet.

        Best wishes,

      • You must have been in the Junior School at the same time as me then – I was there from 64 to 69 before going to the senior school from 70-75.

  2. Mark Greenacre attended JH and Shield House 1957-1963. Lived in Australia since 1971. Caringbah, Sydney 0412008185. All welcome for a round of golf or a chat anytime.

  3. Glad to hear from you Nigel. I am retiring at the end of March, so will have more time for niceties.
    You may contact me at or 250 532 2882. Maybe we could set up a time to meet.

  4. Hi Ollie Landsberger, interesting turn of phrase about ‘surviving’. I left Star summer ’66 and could not wait to get into the real world. I thought Junior House (59/61) was a more bizarre experience. One master in JH regularly used silly girlish nicknames for pupils and another would save you up all day before finally calling you out from the dorm for a beating in the laundry room. I guess that creepy behaviour was symptomatic of that era and partly explains away why so many Parliamentarians got away then with much worse behaviour. It was breath of fresh air when RNP Griffiths became headmaster after Chops.

  5. Well, here’s a blow for Norway. The shining Brexit example of success outside the EU. Now that stretches the imagination! Nick Williams, JH/JS 64-69 and Eagle 69 -74.

  6. Norway. A new country for you, ed! Live in Bodø. Do get in touch if you are here for any reason… any other Norwegian OJs?

  7. I have lived in Bermuda for the last 40 years but have never come across any other OJs living here. Any takers?

  8. My dad was an OJ living in Sonoma County, California. He recently passed & I’m wanting to connect with OJs in attendance during the early 1960s. My father went by JC or John C. Hartong. His younger brother Doug Hartong was also there during the early 1960s.

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