The Law Society was founded in 1991 with the encouragement and support of the then Headmaster Simon Watson, as well as David Evans and Keith Grant, who were responsible at that time for careers and industry liaison. The Society’s objects are to assist and to encourage pupils at the College to seek careers in the law, and to foster closer links between the individual members of the Society. Membership is free and is open to all Old Hurst Johnians who are solicitors, barristers, judges, legal executives, managing clerks, authorised practitioners, magistrates or who are law students or contemplating a career in the law. These objects have been pursued in the past by biennial presentations at the College, by work shadowing placements, and by offering training contracts. We have, however, been a little quiet over the last few years.

I would now like to reenergise the Society and would therefore encourage all lawyers and student lawyers who have been educated at the College to join the Society. I would, therefore, be very grateful if all lawyers and student lawyers who have been at Hurst would complete and return to registration form. By joining (or rejoining) the Society we will not impose too much on your valuable time, but we can help each other and, particularly, we can help those Old Hurst Johnians at the outset of their careers – so all you lawyers and student lawyers, please act now – don’t delay!

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