Wood, Sister Pam

Wood, Sister Pam

Pam Wood died in a nursing home in Worthing in the early hours of the 4 March 1992.

She was aged 73. She was the Nursing Sister of the Junior House/School from September 1956 to March 1983 when she retired.

Pam came to Hurst having trained at Guy’s Hospital which was followed by service with the Queen Alexandra’s Nursing Corps in India and Australia. She soon became a part of the Hurst scene with a legion of friends in both the Senior School and the Junior House as it then was. The work: of the Nursing Sister may sounds simple and straightforward but, in reality, it is not. Small boys have a great capacity for falling over, cutting themselves, suddenly feeling sick, and developing various forms of the common cold. This can happen at any time of the day or night, and the Sister has to be ready, willing and able to cope with any sudden medical emergency that may arise. This can vary from the real crisis – some of us older masters of staff remember the boy who lost his temper and put his fist through the window of a form room door showering glass over an innocent bystander – to the almost ridiculous “Sister, I’ve sat on a squashed banana!” Pam took all this in her stride. She was superb in distinguishing between the real emergency case and the boy who wanted to avoid games or lessons. There were some very dramatic recoveries when recalcitrant boys found themselves isolated from their friends on a diet of toast and Bovril. When it mattered, however. Pam was always there and was totally reliable.

Her contribution did not end with the sick. She was always a great supporter of the teams and the whole sporting side of school life. She always produced the Christmas cake for the Christmas party. This was awaited with great eagerness and the decorative theme varied each year. In the days before the School, had a television set, Pan regularly allowed select groups of boarders to watch her set. In the Common Room her cakes and tomato sandwiches frequently helped the afternoon along. She always ran a stall at the Fetes which were a great feature of the Junior School. She donated many of the school and team photographs which adorn the corridor walls.

She was a regular supporter of the OJ Cricket Week and was a great supplier of cakes for the tea interval. Sadly her last years were not particularly happy. This was a great tragedy for one who had done so much for the happiness and welfare of others.

Her funeral took place at Worthing Crematorium on 10th March and was attended by several Masters and ex-Masters and their wives, as well as Mrs. Griffiths.

Contributed by Roger Moulton
Nursing Sister

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