Stevens, FLt. R P (DSO DFC + Bar)

Stevens, FLt. R P (DSO DFC + Bar)

The Johnian of 1928 records that Richard gained Cert ‘A’ and his Shooting colours.On leaving school, Richard joined the Palestine Police Force and soon afterwards he learnt to fly at Shoreham In the late 30’s he became a commercial pilot flying the early morning newspapers from Croydon to Paris. He joined the R.A.F. and in 1940 did some Army Co-Operation flying before joining 151 Squadron, R.A.F. at Wittering, where, without the use of radar and using his own remarkable eyesight, he earned a reputation as a dare-devil knight of the skies.

Details of some of his triumphs are recorded in several books about night fighter pilots. A night fighter Controller records “Sometimes we just couldn’t get him down, but eventually he would fly home in the morning after shooting down one or two aircraft anywhere between London, Birmingham, or Hull!” Flying from RAF Mansion in December 1941, he lost his life on an intruder operation over a German airfield in Holland. He had by then brought down 15 German raiders.


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