Sandford, John W

Sandford, John W

John died on 15 February 1989.

He was a Prefect and an active member of the Choir. He, together with other members of the choir visited Paris under the Director of Music, Mr.Hawkins, at the invitation of Charles Vidor, a personal friend of Mr.Hawkins. John was keen on acting, and played some of the leading roles in the School Plays.

He served in the Army during the War. After the War he went to Paris to study at the Sorbonne. He worked for the Union Castle Shipping Line and Blandy Bros. in London. In 1965 he went to live in Paris, with his French wife, and took up a post with International Civil Aviation Organisation. This led to a post as Trade Attache at the British Embassy until his retirement. He was a Knight of the Order of St.Lazarus of Jerusalem.

He left a widow and four daughters.


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