Read, John

Read, John

John was at the college from 1932 until 1934 in Chevron House. Brother of C H Read (Chevron 1933-1936). He joined the Mercantile Bank of India and after working at Head Office was sent out East aged 21, to be based in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. He joined the Straits Settlements Volunteer Force and was taken prisoner at the fall of Singapore. John worked on the Burma Railway and also in a Zinc factory in Japan before being liberated by the Americans and finally getting back home in November 1945.

In 1946, having been accepted to train for the ministry, he went up to St John’s, Oxford and later to Queen’s Theological College, Birmingham. He served his tithe at St Mary’s, Eastbourne and went on to St Mark’s, Horsham and St Wilfrid’s, Brighton. Then as Rector of St Mary Beddington for 17 years and finally back to Chichester Diocese as Rector of St Lawrence Guestling and St Mary and St Peter, Pert. He served as Rural Dean of Sutton and in retirement, as Rural Dean of Rye. He also served as a Duty Clergyman, one week a year at Westminster Abbey. Having been a chorister from 1926 to 1932, he very much enjoyed this experience and ministry.

John had a long and happy marriage. He and Frances had two sons and a daughter. Sadly their younger son, Jonathan, died of Leukemia in 1999 but Frances, Tony and Judy survive him.


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