Pitcher, George

Pitcher, George

It is with great sadness that we record the death of George Pitcher, the most loyal of OJs. at school he had a glittering sporting career, being captain of both hockey and cricket in 1948. He also captained the squash team, and twice won the senior individual squash cup. His commitment to cricket rather prevented his quality as a tennis player from being recognized, but as a schoolboy he won a county championship during a holiday. No one will argue against the fact that in both his major games he had a style or his own but his grit and determination led to years of success in both of his major sports at club level.

He will probably be best remembered, however, for his contribution to OJ cricket. His father, Maurice Pitcher, founded the OJ cricket week in 1920, and George attended his first week as a baby! After that he was ever-present, missing only war years when there was no cricket week and one week when he was engaged on national service. After his playing days were over, he was still a regular and founded the famous 12.30 sherry tradition. While George passed the Actuarial Preliminary Examination in 1948, he spent most of his working life with Byas Moseley in the insurance world. He had other interests, loving his classical music. His daughter, Fiona, to whom he was devoted, hosted a splendid party to celebrate his life. A good body of OJs thoroughly enjoyed her hospitality.

We send our condolences to Fiona and to her daughter Chloe on their sad loss.


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