Paul, Kathy

Kathy Paul

Kathy Paul, the widow of Robin, the former master of the Junior School died in Spain on 16 December 2010. She and Robin had owned a property in Malaga for a while before leaving Hurst in 1985.

Kathy was a “highland lassie” for she hailed from Aberdeen, where her father was in medical practice and she never lost that light lilt of the northern hills when she spoke. She and Robin had met and married at  an earlier period of Robin’s teaching career so that they arrived at Hurst from the Dragon School in Oxford with a family of three in 1972. She was a gentle and shy soul and this perhaps made the unwritten role of: headmaster’s wife not always an easy one for her but she had a grace and poise chat was striking. For her, her real role in the school came as she assisted the group of matrons who looked after the boys. In those days, of course, there was a large boarding community in the Junior School and she was very much part of all chat made that area such an important aspect of the school as a whole. I know that there will be many, who were pupils in the school at that time, who have cause to be grateful for her care. There were certain pressure moments for matrons; policing the so called “death run” as boys attempted to evade capture in the Dining Hall with plates of unwanted food being but one! But these were all part of school life where Kathy had a genuine motherly affection for her charges. I have many abiding memories but one stands out and that was her real enjoyment of her visit to the final Leavers’ Challenge campsite just before they retired. I only wish we had seen more of each other. She was a kind soul whom I remember with much warmth.

Our sympathy and kindest thoughts go to her children Victoria, Giles and Richard and their families.

April 2011

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