Millar, John W

Millar, John W

John Wellwood Millar was born in 1920 and came to Hurst in May 1934. He left in July 1937 having been a Prefect.

He joined the Royal Navy in 1937 as an officer cadet. His twenty-two year naval career included being mined in Home Fleet Flagship in 1939, two years in destroyer in the Battle of the Atlantic, one year as First Allied Liaison Officer in ex-Vichy French cruiser and battleship seeing service in West Africa, United States, North Africa, UK. He was involved in the Normandy invasion in landing ship headquarters. He then spent five years at sea in Mediterranean, two years as war studies instructor in RAF College Cranwell and two years in the Persian Gulf, Ceylon. His appointments included Captain of landing ship headquarters in 1944, of frigates in 1952 and 1953 and of a destroyer in 1955. Retired from Royal Navy in 1959.

He emigrated to the US in 1959. He obtained JD in College of Law, Wyoming in 1964 and became Assistant to the Attorney General in Cheyenne. In 1965 he took out US citizenship and moved to San Francisco. For 14 years he was law writer/editor at Bancroft -Whitney Law Publishers, mostly as Senior Headnoter of California Supreme Court and Appellate Court Opinions.

In 1979 he retired, and bought a 48 foot Sparkman-Stevens yawl in Antigua, intending to sail around the world eastwards. After work-up cruise to most of the Caribbean Islands, he headed north to St Thomas and Bermuda. On the unexpected death of his wife he sailed from Bermuda via Panama back to San Francisco in 1980. He joined the Staff of the California Supreme Court as Reporter of Decisions for 7 years and finally retired in 1988.

He died in February 2004.


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