Hodgson, Charles W

Hodgson, Charles W

Charles, aged 33, was killed on 15 May 1989 in a car crash in Portugal, where he was on holiday.
At Hurst he was a School Prefect, a member of the cross-country and athletic teams, and achieved a good academic record with 8 passes at ‘0’ level and 4 at ‘A’ level. He gave early indications of his future career as a journalist by editing several magazines, including the Hurst Johnian. He went on to Bristol University, where he took a degree in Politics. Charles started his career as a Political Journalist in Brussels but in 1982 he joined the Financial Times as a sub-editor in Frankfurt. In 1986 he returned to London and became Editor of the American page of the Financial Times . After a further period as Editor of the European Section he was moved by the Financial Times to Westminster on their political staff .

His obituary published in the Financial Times included the following:-

” At Westminster, Charles was among the few political correspondents who understood how to extract from the daily maelstrom of events those developments which have a significance beyond a single day’s
headlines; to filter out the important from the froth. He wrote with understanding and sensitivity about difficult subjects like Northern Ireland and with wit about the intrigues and gossip which fill the corridors, bars and tea-rooms of the House of Commons. Although – or perhaps because – he was never captured by the Westminster establishment, he won the respect of his colleagues on other newspapers and of the MPs and peers about whom he wrote. We extend our deepest sympathy to his widow, Maria, and his parents.”


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