Hodgson, A B

Hodgson, A B

The following Appreciation is extracted from the Headmaster’s Annual Speech Day address in 1950:

“But there is a sad gap among the familiar faces round me; for Mr. Hodgson is no longer with us. He was to have retired in any case at the end of this term. For some time he had been living at Burgess Hill but his recent purchase of a house at Camberley, which he had bought against the day of his retirement, made it possible for him to come and live in once again for his last two terms. And I know he looked forward to doing so with almost schoolboy zest. But, unhappily, at the beginning of the Lent Term after only a few days of return to residence, he became suddenly and gravely ill, and caused his friends the deepest anxiety. You will all be glad to know I am sure that he is now well on the way to recovery, and that when Mr. Scott and I drove over to him a few days ago we were happy to find him very much like his old steady and amusing self.
But his is a gap which will be hard to fill.

He was here for twenty-two years and most of the time he was Housemaster of Shield; in fact I can almost say he was a famous Housemaster, and hundreds of boys owe him an incalculable debt, as does the present Headmaster. I found his friendship and support quite invaluable. Among other things he did the time-table and saved me countless headaches; his advice was always sound and balanced, but he never obtruded it and only gave it when he was asked. But I suppose what we shall miss most of all are his unswerving loyalty, his width of knowledge, his subtle sense of humor, his happy turn of phrase and his masterly use of the unexpected word.

He was indeed a friend, and I am sure you will allow me to send him a word of greeting and good luck for his retirement and our best wishes for a complete recovery. We have only to think of such men to realise how well served Hurstpierpoint has been. It is indeed sad when the inexorable passage of years closes down upon such service.”

Editorial Note:
No reference to the death of Mr Hodgson nor an obituary has yet been found in the Hurst-Johnian but will be added if and when it is. There is, however, a note that he was not sufficiently well to attend the Annual Dinner of the Hurst-Johnian Club in January 1951 to receive his presentation of a salver.


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