Hankey, Gordon L

Hankey, Gordon L

Gordon died in Johannesburg, South Africa on the 29 August 1988, aged 85.

A cousin of the Esdaile family, he arrived at Hurst in 1915 when W.H.B.Wolstencroft was Captain of the School. There followed a highly successful school career which ended in the VI Form in December 1922, by which time he had been Captain of the School, Captain of Cricket. Captain of Football, Victor Ludorum, Captain of Fives, a Sacristan, Leader of the Choir, C.S.M in the O.T.C. (under Mr.Pocock), played Theseus and Macbeth and Tuck Shop Prefect (under Mr.Scott).

In 1923 he joined Shell and in 1924 he was transferred to the Asiatic Petroleum Company North China Ltd. until 1937. During this period he served with the Artists Rifles in 1923 and the Shanghai Scottish in 1927/1928. In 1927 his records and belongings were looted by the Chinese Army under Chiang Kai Shek and he was evacuated to Shanghai from Nanking by H.M.S.Emerald. He also found time to study Chinese at Peking University in 1926.

In 1937 he returned to England having been given 6 months to live. He recovered and in 1938 bought a partnership in E.J.Jack Ltd. a ball and roller bearing company. In 1952 he went to South Africa to open a branch in Johannesburg. He sold his share in the partnership in 1955 and in his own words “dabbled in Bearings and one or two mining ventures”.

He was survived by his wife and two daughters.


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