Grosch, Peter F A

Grosch, Peter F A

Peter died on 13th April 2005 aged 66.

After leaving Hurst, Peter did National Service in the army following which he worked briefly for Roneo Vickers. Events then took him down to the Isles of Scilly, where he learnt to dive and was there at the time the Association and Romney, part of Admiral Cloudesly Shovel’s fleet, which sank in 1707, were found. Peter found HMS Eagle, which was part of the same fleet, in 1970 whilst cray fishing.

He was then offered a job in Barra diving for scallops and continued his wreck diving there and in the Firth of Forth area. In the mid-1970s he began his career in the offshore diving industry and worked worldwide, including the North Sea, Morocco, Nigeria, Brazil, China and the Gulf gaining considerable experience in project management, construction and inspection. For 12 years he was a Diving Superintendent working on various DSVs on Bombay High and spent two years as Diving Base Manager in Mumbai.

In 2001 he ‘retired’ but found much enjoyment in acting for Aberdeen companies as a Diving Consultant completing audits on saturation and air diving systems and acting as an expert witness for legal cases. He was much respected within his industry, loved being at home at his cottage in Anstruther and there was nothing better than a game of golf. He visited Hurst in October 2003 and was horrified that Shield was now for girls! He was delighted to report that his son-in-law, Anthony Craddock, had also been at Hurst.

He leaves behind his partner, Sue, his four children and seven grandchildren.


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