Deighton, Reginald A

Deighton, Reginald A

Reggie was a first class athlete, being the College sprint champion, winner of the Clayton Run in 1930 and fly-half in the successful 1929 1st XV.

On leaving Hurst, Reggie went to Plumpton Agricultural College and qualified in 1934. At that time farming was suffering from the depression, so he moved to London and took a job at Oxford House in Bethnal Green, a Church Trust looking after deprived boys from the East End. In 1937 he moved to Dr. Barnardo’s, forming a life-long friendship with one of his boys, the late Alfie Bass.

In the Second World War he was rejected by the Royal Navy, but joined the London Fire Service to serve throughout the blitz in London and other large cities.

In 1942 Reggie married Joan, also in the Fire Service, and when he was demobilised he joined his father-in-law at Manganese Iron Ore in the City. He restarted his work with the young, being closely involved with the Confederated London Boys’ Clubs, until his Company, now Dupre Vermiculite, moved to Hertford. There he became an important member of the League of Friends of Barnet Hospital.

On retirement he widened his charity work, spending all of his time with the hospital, the local church or the Marie Foster Home for Multiple Sclerosis victims.

He is survived by his wife, Joan, and his two children – one, Alec, also an OJ.

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