Deane, Andrew

Deane, Andrew

Andrew died in Sydney, Australia, on the 15 September 1993 He was a House Prefect at Hurst and gained a State Scholarship on the results of his 3 passes at ‘A’ level.

Andrew was commissioned into the Royal Air Force serving from 1956 to 64 During this time he was twice on active service. Firstly, in 1961, in the Middle East during the first Iraq crisis when that country proclaimed it would seize Kuwait. They were thwarted by the hasty arrival of a British Brigade Group from Africa and the RAF. Secondly, in 1964, Andrew served in the Far East, when Soekarno was threatening to move on Borneo. Andrew was a Navigator in 64 Squadron, flying Javelins He completed his tour as a Flight Lieutenant.

He met his future wife, Anne, an Australian, on a skiing holiday in Switzerland in 1964, and in 1965 he emigrated to Australia and was married there. After arriving in Australia, Andrew qualified as an accountant and worked for several companies in that capacity. He was Assistant Company Secretary of Q.B.E., a large public listed Australian Insurance Company.
Andrew, for the last five years, acted as the excellent linkman between the OJ Club and the Sydney OJs, who have always been a very active group. Several times Andrew organised a Sydney OJ Dinner about the same time as St.Etheldreda. His regular reports gave details of OJs living or visiting Sydney. About two years ago Andrew wrote including the following details about himself :-“I have made a job change and am now the Financial Controller of a large private school in North Sydney. It is Shore School (Sydney Church of England Grammar School) which is a 100 year old replica of a large English Public School. I like the atmosphere and I am really happy here – back in familiar Public School surroundings ”

Sixteen years ago Andrew had an early encounter with cancer, which responded successfully to treatment Tragically, about twelve months ago, the cancer recurred and despite further treatment, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, this time it got the better of him. He fought his battle with remarkable bravery and strong spiritual faith proving an inspiration to all who knew him and cared for him.

Andrew’s father, Harry Dean (Shield 1922-24) died a few years ago; his mother, Joan, still lives in Liphook. Andrew was very proud of the academic success of his two daughters, Fiona and Sarah, both university graduates.

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