Benham, Professor Peter P

Benham, Professor Peter P

Peter was a School Prefect, Captain of his House and a 1st XV Colour. He did his National Service in the Royal Air Force and when that ended he took a place at Queen’s University, Belfast rather than wait another year for his place at Cambridge. He gained a 1st Class degree in Mechanical Engineering and stayed on a further year to carry out research for which he was awarded an M.Sc.

Peter then worked for three years with Vickers Armstrong (Aircraft) before returning to academic life at Imperial College, London, where he lectured on Applied Mathematics and he was awarded with a Ph.D. for his research.

In 1963 Peter returned to Queen’s University as a senior lecturer, and he was promoted to the second chair of Mechanical Engineering in 1970. Six years later he was appointed to the chair of Aeronautical Engineering, where he developed close relations with the industry, particularly Short Bros.

Before retiring in 1989 he served three years as Dean of the faculty of Engineering and a further three years as senior-pro-chancellor. He was a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, and the Institute of Mechanical Engineering.

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