Alban, W M (Bill)

Bill died suddenly at the end of February 2000.
He had just had an operation to replace a hip and was in the nursing home recuperating. One moment he was looking better than he had for a while; the next moment he had gone.
At Hurst he will always be remembered as the founding Housemaster of Eagle and as a distinguished actor/producer. Those who have sat in his classroom will bear testament to his acting skills! He was educated at Seaford College and Jesus College, Cambridge. He was originally destined for the medical profession, but realised it ‘was not my line’ and, after meteorological service during the war, he became a schoolmaster. He was at Hurst from 1949 until his retirement.
His talents were not confined to the stage and the classroom, for he was a good hockey player, a more than competent golfer and a sound tennis player. After his retirement he lived in the village of Hurst where he was a well known character and (as he always had been) a staunch churchman. He acted with several of the leading amateur dramatic societies in the county. Drama was his great love.
It was fitting that at his funeral, for which the large village church was packed, the front of the service paper should show ‘I have done the state some service and they know’t. No more of that’ (Othello Act V Scene 2). His brother, so like Bill in many ways, gave a brilliant address. Then came the task of clearing some eight to ten thousand books from his flat! How Bill must have chuckled, for his flat was on the second floor and there was no lift!


1 thought on “Alban, W M (Bill)

  1. Forty years ago Bill gave me so many lessons I use today I had to look him up, just to reminisce on his mentorship. Thanks Bill… you will forever be in my memory.

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