Richard Robinson (Chevron 1969-1974)

We are very sad to announce the death of Richard Robinson who recently passed away in his sleep after suffering from cancer.

Richard Robinson professionally known as Richard Harradine  came to Hurst from a preparatory school in Rhodesia, as Zimbabwe was then called. He developed acting skills early on at Hurst nurtured by Bill Alban. He was of a generation of fine Hurst actors including Edward Hibbert and Robert Gilder. He was particularly remembered for his Macbeth to Edward’s Lady Macbeth. Richard was also a good cricketer and was awarded his 1st 11 colours. Although a house prefect, he was also known to have had a rebellious streak and the late headmaster, Roger Griffiths, after having dealt with the student rebellion known as FFBS (Fight for a Better School) which lobbied for flares, long hair and drinking and smoking in the 6th form, noted that ‘Richard is a rogue….but I like him…’

Richard won a prestigious place at The Central School of Speech and Drama between 1975-1978, graduating from the Stage course. He enjoyed a successful television career, with credits including The Borgias, The Mallens, Robin’s Nest and Bergerac. He also toured with several professional acting groups and appeared in a number of West End productions, most notably with Felicity Kendall and Alan Bates in Much Ado About Nothing, and as Paris in Romeo and Juliet, working many times with the director, Elijah Moshinsky.

Richard moved to Poland in the 1990s where he met his future wife, Barbara. He went on to refine and develop his acting and communication skills and developed a business providing training to Polish ministers and professionals in English as a foreign language and presentation skills.

Richard leaves behind a beloved wife, Barbara, and a daughter, Carolyn, who has inherited a lot of Richard’s creativity.

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