Hurst Careers – Can you help?

Dear members and future members of the ‘Careers Hurst’ Community

I am writing to firstly thank you for your support (and offers of support) of ‘Careers Hurst’ which has enabled us to yet again increase our careers provision this last academic year and to request for your support with the careers programme during the next academic year. I hope that many of you may wish to be involved again, or perhaps for the first time, and that by having the dates early, you can include them in your diary in advance.

‘Careers Hurst’ Speed Talk Events

  • A profession speed talk event with up to six guest speakers each hosting a table of up to 7 pupils, hopefully from differing fields within the same profession area, aimed primarily at giving our pupils from Shell (Yr. 9) to UVIth (Yr. 13) an insight into specific career areas, and how they might best gain access to and succeed in those careers
  • Every 10 minutes the pupils move round to the next table so that, by the end of the hour, they’ll have met and engaged with six hosts within that profession. Absolutely not a career talk and so nothing to prepare in advance, an opportunity to sit round a table and talk freely, answer questions and share information.
  • The event timing is: 18:30 arrival and welcome with an opportunity of meeting the other hosts before the pupils arrive at 18:50. The event commences promptly at 19:00 with 10 minute rotations finishing at 20:00.

Dates and professions this term are:

September: 2nd Medical careers, 5th Veterinary careers, 9th Finance and Financial Services careers, 12th TV, Film, Production, Directing, 16th Law, 17th Engineering and STEM careers, 23rd PR, Journalism and Marketing Communications careers, 26th IT and Technology careers

30th Sports careers – including sports people, sports therapies, sports psychology.

October: 1st Aviation careers, 3rd Property careers

Additionally, we are looking for help with our medical and veterinary interview practice sessions e.g. panel interviews and Steeplechase. Medical panel: 27.9 4:30-6pm, Vet interview – 8.11 5-6pm

Work placement Programme

After a fabulous summer of work placements, I can’t quite believe I am already thinking about planning next year’s work placements. Would you be able to take on a very willing, interested and engaged L6th student for some work experience during the holidays –  Easter, summer half term or summer holidays 2020? Our current placements range from just a day to one or two weeks and all pupils are put through a rigorous selection process in that if they are interested in applying for a position they must do so by submitting their CV and are then interviewed often going through a 1st and 2nd round. The pupils not only, if successful, benefit from the work experience but also learn the process of job application.

I would ask anyone willing to be involved in any of the opportunities above to be so kind as to contact me as soon as possible to confirm. We are looking for a full and diverse range of career introduction to our pupils and so are interested in hearing from you no matter what your background is. Equally if you know of anyone who may like to support our programme please do pass this request on!

Thank you again for your support this year and in advance for your help this academic year. We would struggle to offer such a diverse and full programme to our pupils without you and know how fortunate we are to have you on board.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Tania Fielden

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